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GST Accounting Entries

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GST Accounting Entries Empty GST Accounting Entries

Post by joseph Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:21 pm

I have prepared a list of 87 99 common GST accounting entries (the list keeps going longer), complete with examples, tax codes and where applicable references to the GST Act, Regulations, Orders, DG's Panel Decisions and/or GST Guides.

I have also prepared a list of common supplies and purchases/acquisitions and their corresponding recommended tax codes.

For mixed suppliers, I have created a CGA computation worksheet.

All the 3 files are in Excel format.

I have invested much time and effort on this GST project, attended many training and seminars, made numerous phone calls and met up with senior Customs officials and obtained feedback from prominent GST Tax Consultants to prepare the files.

While I do not guarantee that they are in complete compliance with Customs requirements, I am confident they are reasonably well prepared and in accordance with the laws.

If you are interest to have them, I am charging RM300 RM100 for the 3 files.

If you purchase the files, I will continue to support you via e-mails, for a period of 3 months.

Please e-mail me at if you are interested.

Thank you all for your participation in this forum.

Best regards
Joseph Teh


  1. Recording Sales Transactions (Standard-Rated Supply)
  2. Tax Invoice Issued Late (after 21 days from Basic Tax Point)
  3. Advance Payment received from Customer (without issuing customer Tax Invoice)
  4. Bad Debt Relief & Recovery (1)
  5. Bad Debt Relief & Recovery (2)
  6. Bad Debt Relief Computation
  7. Bad Debt Relief - When to claim
  8. Local Zero-Rated Supplies
  9. Export Zero-Rated Supplies (Customs K2 Form required)
  10. Incidental Exempt Supply (Financial Services)
  11. (Non-Incidental) Exempt Supply
  12. Sale of goods or services where invoice issued or payment received before effective date, but delivery only after effective date (Transitional Issue)
  13. Disposal of Capital Goods (Fixed Assets)
  14. Disposal of Manufacturing Waste
  15. Unexplained Stock Quantity Loss (Actual Stock Count Qty < Accounting Records Qty)
  16. Non-business or Private Use of Business Assets
  17. Reimbursement of Expenses
  18. Disbursement of Expenses
  19. Recording Purchase Transactions (Standard-Rated Purchase)
  20. Online Purchase of Stocks from Overseas (print online invoice)
  21. Supplier Invoices Remaining Unpaid for > 6 Months
  22. Purchase of Capital Goods (Fixed Assets) - Input Tax Not Blocked
  23. Purchase of Capital Goods (Fixed Assets) - Input Tax Blocked
  24. Company Passenger Cars
  25. Advance Payment to Supplier (no Tax Invoice)
  26. Refundable Security Deposit (not for contra against payments)
  27. Retention Sum
  28. Out-of-Scope Supply
  29. Consideration Paid for neither A Supply of Goods nor Supply of Services
  30. Independent Director Who Is Not An Employee
  31. Gifts of Goods (Gift Rule)
  32. Gifts of Services
  33. Purchases from Non GST-Registered Suppliers
  34. Purchase/Acquisition of Exempt Items (e.g. staff quarter rental and toll charges)
  35. Loan Received & Interest Payable (Exempt Supply)
  36. Purchases of Zero-rated Items
  37. Staff Claims
  38. Imported Goods (Customs K1 Form & Customs official receipt required)
  39. Imported Services
  40. Rental Income from Commercial Properties
  41. Rights Granted for Life (or for a period ≥ 30 years) by Club or Other Similar Body
  42. Rights Granted for a period < 30 years by Club or Other Similar Body
  43. Hire Purchase Transactions
  44. Residual Input Tax Claim (for mixed supplier)
  45. Capital Goods Adjustments (CGA) (for mixed supplier)
  46. Transactions between GST-Registered Group Companies
  47. Monetary Vouchers
  48. Non-Monetary Vouchers
  49. Sale of Monetary Vouchers by Third Parties on Commission Basis
  50. Sale of Non-Monetary Vouchers by Third Parties on Commission Basis
  51. Unredeemed Unexpired Non-Monetary Vouchers @ 01/04/15 (Transitional Issue)
  52. Loyalty Points (for Program Operator)
  53. Loyalty Points (for Program Operator & Redemption Partner, both same person)
  54. Expiry of Unredeemed Loyalty Points (for Program Operator)
  55. Loyalty Points (for Merchants - Program Partner & Redemption Partner)
  56. Vending Machine Sales (Other than Gaming Machines)
  57. Consignment Sales (for Consignor)
  58. Sales of Goods by Agents (for Principal)
  59. Sales of Prepaid Reload Phone Cards by MOL's Merchant
  60. Sales of Prepaid Reload Phone Cards by MOL
  61. Payment of GST
  62. Special Sales Tax Refund for Goods Held On Hand @ 01/04/15
  63. Imported Goods under Approved Trader Scheme (ATS)
  64. Staff Usage over Limits
  65. Fines & Penalties
  66. For non GST-registered Companies using GST-compliant Accounting Software
  67. Sales of Goods under Relief Orders
  68. Investment Holding Company (IHC)
  69. Sale/Purchase of Passenger Car (in Seller's Books)
  70. Sale/Purchase of Passenger Car (in Buyer's Books)
  71. Provision for Expenses
  72. Pre-GST Supplier Invoices
  73. Stock Return/Discount in respect of pre-GST Sales
  74. Fitness Centre/Gym Subscription Fee billed back to Staff
  75. Replacement for Lost Staff Access Card
  76. Accrued Exempt Income
  77. Accrued Taxable Income
  78. Simplified Tax Invoice with GST Amount > RM30
  79. GST Rounding Error in Purchases
  80. GST Rounding Error in Purchases (2)
  81. GST Rounding Error in Sales
  82. Prepaid Expenses
  83. Tax Invoice Not in Registered Person's Name
  84. Sale of Prepaid Mobile Phone Reloads (User)
  85. Supplier Tax Invoice Received Late To Be Taken up Previous Month Because Previous Month is Financial Year End
  86. Refundable Deposit Collected for Sale Conditional upon Loan Approval
  87. Input tax Not Blocked But Not Claimable Because Private/Non-Business Purpose
  88. Tax Invoices Addressed to "CASH SALES" as Recipient
  89. Purchase of Goods from an Approved Toll Manufacturer (Deemed Supply Made to Oneself)
  90. JMB/MC for Stratified Residential Property
  91. Supply of International Services Determined as Zero-Rated Supply
  92. Refund from HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund)
  93. Sale of Prepaid Mobile Phone Reloads (Distributor)
  94. Realised Gain/Loss on Foreign Exchange
  95. Recovery of Legal Cost
  96. Margin Scheme
  97. A Importing Goods on Behalf of B
  98. Assets Purchased before GST Registration
  99. Sale of Asset by A Financier in Satisfaction of A Debt


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